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Art teacher, sculptor, and ceramicist in Little Rock, AR. Maker at Woodrow Craft. 



  • 2013 UALR Student Competitive

  • 2014 UALR Student Competitive 

  • 2014 Pop-up Sculpture Garden at the Legends of Arkansas Music and Arts Festival in Little Rock, AR

  • 2014 Subtractive Sculpture: Marble Alabaster, & Limestone in Gallery I at UALR

  • 2014 Co-Opt Showcase for the Oxford American magazine at South on Main in Little Rock, AR

  • 2015 UALR Student and Faculty Invitational at the Wildwood Center for the Arts

  • 2015 Best of Co-Opt in Gallery III at UALR

  • 2015 “Hang Together” at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY

  • 2015 “Figurative Abstraction in Stone” BA Senior Show at UALR

  • 2019 Spaceberry Music Festival

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